Toxin Rid Review 2024: Exactly Why Does It Work So Well?

Of all the THC detox kits out there (and there are many), there is a general consensus that the Toxin Rid detox kit is by far the strongest and most thorough detox. Of course, it’s the most popular detox to help you pass a urine drug test.

If you review the Toxin Rid kit contents, you’ll see it provides a 3-part solution to passing a drug test, consisting of:

  • Pre-rid tablets (the most important part).
  • Dietary fiber.
  • Detox liquid.

Toxin Rid is certainly one of the most well-developed THC detox kits. However, does Toxin Rid work well enough to cleanse your system of THC before a drug test?

The reviews by people who used it certainly testify to that. Here is an example of a Toxin Rid review:

review of 10 day toxin rid kit by a customer who passed a drug test

We looked at the science behind the drug elimination process in order to confirm or refute if the strongest 10 Day Toxin Rid kit actually works.

Quick Toxin Rid review summary: The complete kit, when used properly (the ‘Morning of drug test to do’s’ section is an essential part), is extremely effective for passing a standard urinary drug analysis. However, a major part of its strong effect is increased and more frequent urination and defecation which is desirable to flush the THC out but it may inconvenience some people.

It is essential to start the Toxin Rid detox as soon as possible. We’ll also share important dietary tips that can even enhance the effect of Toxin Rid detox kits.

How Does Toxin Rid Work?

The focus here is to understand why exactly the Toxin Rid detox works so well.

toxin rid complete detox with two bottles of pre rid pills, dietary fiber and a bottle of one ounce liquid detox
Toxin Rid is the most popular THC detox kit for quick cleansing. You can check and buy all Toxin Rid programs here.

In order to understand how to use the detox kit to flush the drugs out of the system, we need to answer one key question:

How does the THC actually leave our system (after being inhaled or ingested)?

According to an article published in Pharmacological Review, “more than 65% of cannabis is excreted in the feces and approximately 20% is excreted in the urine.”

Most of us find that quite surprising. It is commonly believed that you basically pee all the marijuana out, right? That’s why drug tests test urine samples.

However, the THC elimination studies show that most (more than 65%) of THC leaves our body via feces. Only about 20% is eliminated via the urine.

Herein lies the ‘secret’ why Toxin Rid detox works so well. The pre-rid pills essentially boost the elimination not only via urine but, primarily, via feces.

To put it in plain language: “I sh*t you not, the THC detox works because you sh*t that sh*t out!”

In order to increase the speed of THC elimination, the Toxin Rid pre-rid pills include two kinds of substances: natural laxatives (pre-rid pills) and natural diuretics with salts (detox liquid).

Pre-Rid Pills (65% Feces Elimination)

The main part of the Toxin Rid detox kit are the pre-rid pills. They contain no less than 10 different natural ingredients that promote THC elimination.

When reviewing the composition of Toxin Rid pills, it is evident that the No. 1 ingredient is the Alfalfa Leaf Extract. Each pre-rid pill contains 160 mg of this peculiar leaf extract.

According to WebMD, the Alfalfa leaf extract “seems to prevent cholesterol absorption in the gut”. It is also widely known as a natural laxative (laxatives are substances that help you increase bowel movements).

You see, when a molecule like cholesterol enters the gut and should be eliminated via feces, there is a chance that our body will absorb it back into the system. The Alfalfa leaf extract seems to prevent this absorption to happen; the result is that we eliminate more cholesterol via feces.

Now, cholesterol and THC have a similar structure and similar chemical properties. For one, they are both well soluble in fat. It is much within reason to assume that the Alfalfa leaf extract the Toxin Rid pre-rid pills are full of help to eliminate THC via feces very effectively.

The inclusion of Alfalfa leaf extract is one key difference between the Toxin Rid detox kit and simple detox drinks. Detox drinks make you pee (eliminating 20% of THC) but Toxin Rid pills make you eliminate more than 65% of THC via feces.

Does that mean that peeing before a drug test is bad?

Detox Liquid With Salts (20% Urine Elimination)

Diuretics (substances that make you pee a lot) are the most obvious choice for drug detox. Natural diuretics like caffeine, dandelion extract, and kelp extract are added to any number of cheap detox drinks.

Diuretics on their own can’t really increase THC elimination dramatically, but they do help a bit because urination is responsible for about 20% of weed elimination.

The Toxin Rid pre-rid pills include a variety of salts such as magnesium oxide, potassium chloride and iron glycinate that promote urine elimination and essentially work as natural diuretics.

ScienceDaily recently published a study in which the problematic night-time urination was reduced by cutting salt in a diet. You can read the article about the relationship between urination and salt ingestion here.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. The more salts you ingest, the more you’ll pee. Basic science.

How Do You Use Toxin Rid Detox?

So far we’ve established the following: not only does the Toxin Rid detox work, it is, in fact, one of the strongest detox kits for a drug test because it combines effective natural laxatives, diuretics, and salts.

However, it has to be stressed that for a successful THC detox you need to follow the instructions of how to use Toxin Rid detox almost religiously. The whole process involves a continuous extraction of THC in fat cells and flushing it out via feces and urine. You can read more about how THC detox should work here.

We’ll use the 10 Day Toxin Rid as an example. This is the most popular THC detox kit simply because it’s the strongest (nobody wants to just pass a drug test; we want to have a 100% guarantee we’ll pass and the strongest detox is usually the safe and guaranteed way).

10 day toxin rid review with 150 pre rid pills and two bottles of fiber and liquid detox
10 Day Toxin Rid is the strongest detox kit. You can check it out in detail here.

The 10 Day Toxin Rid kit consists of 150 pre-rid tablets, one 1 fluid ounce of detox liquid and one 1 ounce shot of dietary fiber.

It is essential to start detoxing with pre-rid pills (Stage 1) as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a drug test in 10, 15 or 30 days; the sooner the THC detox process is put in high gear, the better.

How To Use Toxin Rid Pre-Rid Pill, Detox Liquid, And Dietary Fiber

Time needed: 10 days

With the 10 Day Toxin Rid, you get 150 pre-rid pills. That’s quite a lot.
For 10 days you take 3 pre-rid pills 5 times a day within 5 hours.

Example: Your delivery of 10 Day Toxin Rid has arrived at let’s say 6 PM, you unpack the kit and take out the pre-rid pills.

  1. Start taking pre-rid pills on Day 1

    The Day 1 begins and it looks like this:
    At 6 PM you take 3 pills orally and flush them down with about 8 ounces of water.
    At 7 PM you take another 3 pills.
    At 8 PM you take another 3 pills.
    At 9 PM you take another 3 pills.
    At 10 PM you take another 3 pills.
    This is Day 1; you’ve just taken 15 pre-rid Toxin Rid pills that will increase THC-rich urine and feces production and elimination.

  2. Take Toxin Rid pills for 5 or 10 days

    You have to repeat the same 5-step pill-taking on the hour for the next 9 days. In total, you are to consume 150 pre-rid pills. (In the case of 5-Day detox kit, do the same thing with 75 pre-rid pills for 5 days).

  3. Drink detox liquid 2 hours after the last pill

    2 hours after you’ve taken your last pre-rid pill, you drink the detox liquid (regardless of when your drug test is).
    During these 10 days, you’ve eliminated as much THC as it’s humanly possible.

  4. On the day of the drug test eat a high-calorie diet

    On the morning of the drug test you want to stop any possible leftover THC in your fat cells to enter the bloodstream and later the urine.
    Eating carbohydrates and fat will keep THC (if any did in fact remain) in your fat cells and, most importantly, away from your urine sample. You can read a study about reintoxication that explains how THC can be reintroduced into your blood if you put yourself in a calorie deficit.

  5. Drink Toxin Rid dietary fiber (1 hour before the test)

    This will bind all the potentially remaining THC in your gut and it will keep it away from your urine.

Here are two additional advices to be aware of when taking the Toxin Rid pre-rid pills:

  1. Start taking the pre-rid pills at a time of day you know you’ll have easy access to the toilet. The pills eliminate THC via urine and feces production; this means you’ll have to go to the toilet more frequently.
  2. Go on a diet and do cardio. THC is our body is hidden in fat tissue and during the Stage 1 detox process, you want to lose as much THC-rich fat as possible. Eating lean protein, vegetables and running daily will additionally help you clear the THC out of your system.

Let’s recoup the most important questions:

Toxin Rid FAQ

Does Toxin Rid Work?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: The pre-rid pills containing Alfalfa leaf extract should increase feces creation and boost a channel that is responsible for eliminating 65% of THC. The salt-rich detox liquid will increase urination which is responsive for eliminating 20% of all THC. With the combination of of these effects, the chances of passing a urine drug test are increased dramatically.

Is Toxin Rid Permanent?

In most cases, it is. Wondering how long does Toxin Rid keep you clean is a bit redundant. The Toxin Rid permanently eliminates THC out of your system.

We need to remember that Toxin Rid is not a trick to pass a drug test like synthetic urine is. It is one of the most intensive 10-day detox courses you can find and it is very effective at eliminating THC out of your body completely.

How Much Is Toxin Rid?

While Toxin Rid is the most effective THC detox kit it is also one of the more expensive. The most expensive 10-day kit can cost up to $190. That’s why most of the people who want to pass a drug test naturally choose the 5-day kit that costs less than $120.

Where Can You Buy Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is not readily available in stores.
It is sold by the manufacturer Clear Test at their official shop at ClearChoice.

Full Summary Of Toxin Rid Review

he Toxin Rid earns the highest marks as far as the efficiency of this detox kit to cleanse your system of THC goes. The relevant question is not ‘Does Toxin Rid work’; it’s more in the lines of ‘How does it work so well’.

We have looked into the science behind the detox kit and explained how Toxin Rid increases the speed of THC elimination out of the body.

However, it needs to be said that Toxin Rid is effective but it’s not an easy detox to take. The strongest 10 Day detox does take 10 full days of following the detox making it one of the toughest detoxes out there. The necessary side effects are more frequent urination and even diarrhea in some cases.

The price tag of Toxin Rid is also highest than with other detox kits. Nonetheless, testing positive on a urine drug test can have a lot of serious consequences and it does make sense to do everything in one’s power to pass a drug test.

In summary, the Toxin Rid detox kit might be long and expensive, but it is the strongest detox with the most successful track record.


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