Powdered Urine Review: Real Dehydrated Human Urine

Powdered Urine Kit by TestClear


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  • 100% pure human urine (in powdered form)
  • You get 2 heat pads with the kit
  • Contains everything urine contains (because it's urine)
  • Looks, smells and even bubbles like urine
  • 'All I can say is wow. Had 2 days notice for a great job offer and new I wouldn’t pass. Out of desperation I thought I would give this a try. I was really nervous about the temperature but all I did was stuck the under my boys. PASSED!! I highly recommend for a unsupervised test!'


  • You have to prepare the solution from the powdered urine yourself
  • Reading the temperature might be a bit tricky for some

For starters let’s just point out that collecting somebody’s urine, dehydrating it and storing it (for further use) sounds a bit weird. But that’s exactly what TestClear is doing to get this unique powdered urine.

And they have a very good reason: Powdered urine with added water performs on the drug test exactly like real human urine. Because, well, it actually is real clean urine.

Even the best synthetic urine, for example, is a mixture of 11-13 chemicals that are found in urine. That formula has to be exactly right to fool a drug test.

The advantage of powdered urine is that all the chemicals found in urine are all there, and in the right amount.

What you really have to do to prepare it is:

  • Add the right amount of water. The concentration of chemicals depend on the water added. If the powdered was made out of 3oz of urine, for example, you have to add the 3oz of water that was dehydrated when making the powdered form urine.
  • Heat it up to 94 to 100K. Every urine test sample has to have body temperature. You have two heat pads to help you out.

All in all, using powdered urine might even be a better choice than using synthetic urine.

How To Use Powdered Urine?

The process of how to get from powdered urine to actual human urine (drug-free, obviously) is basically to add water and shake.

Here are the instructions of how to prepare the powdered urine by TestClear:

Time needed: 1 hour.

Here the quick summary of what to do. The solution in the vial should reach the right temperature in about 1 hour:

  1. Powdered urine goes into the big vial.

    Goes without saying

  2. Fill big vial with warm water and screw the top.

    When you fill the water to the top you have just added the exactly correct amount of water.

  3. Stick the heat pads (warmers) on the big vial.

    Wait for about 1 hour.

  4. Check the temperature with the digital thermometer strapped on the vial.

    Make sure the temperature is between 94 and 100F.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you will have the best chance to pass a drug test.

Powdered Urine Kit FAQ

Does TestClear powdered urine work?

If you mean ‘Does it help me pass a drug test’ than the answer is ‘Yes’. The powdered urine is basically clean human urine with water removed.
Because it is drug-free to behind with, it will also test as a drug-free urine on a urine drug test.

Can you dehydrate your own urine?

Of course you can. You can make your own powdered urine, but there is a catch. DIY powdered urine can contain bacteria which will, in time, grow out of proportion and start to break down the organic molecules like urea and uric acid in the urine. This will give the powdered urine a fowl smell of stale urine.

How long is pee good for a drug test?

Powdered urine should be mixed with water and used as soon as possible. When you heat it up, the chemical reaction (breakdown of organic molecules) speeds up exponentially.
You should use it within 8 hours of making the solution from powdered urine.

Can laboratories detect powdered urine?

Powdered urine, if used correctly and with the correct temperature, is virtually undetectable. It is impossible for laboratory methods we know to differentiate between powdered urine and real urine for one simple reason: powdered urine is actually real urine (it’s just that water was removed and added again). The chemicals and their properties in powdered urine stay the same during the dehydration and rehydration process.

Where can I buy powdered urine?

The powdered urine kit is sold by TestClear. You can buy it on the official TestClear site here.

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