Sub Solution Synthetic Urine 2024 Review: ‘Totally Undetectable’

Everybody who looks at the science behind the fake pee formula agrees that the Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine on the market. That’s why it’s at the top of our list of the best synthetic urine kits that can outmatch the 2024 drug-testing standards.

The $80 price tag, however, is a bit of a turn-off. Nonetheless, try your job might be on the line, having that extra reliable synthetic urine is the smart move.

Honestly, as we’ll see in this Clear Choice Sub Solution review, the biggest advantage of the Sub Solution is that you don’t have to have sweaty pants wondering if you will pass a drug test or not. If you follow the instructions on how to use it correctly, the chances of getting caught are practically non-existent. In short, you will pass a drug test with flying colors.

With the new lab testing standards, especially the ‘urine adulteration testing’, using the Sub Solution synthetic urine makes that much more sense.

Why Does Sub Solution Work So Well In 2024?

About five years ago passing a drug test by using synthetic urine was pretty much the easiest thing in the world.

The only thing you needed to be careful of was getting it to the right temperature. That 94F to 100F is the warmth every lab tech associates with real pee.

Even then the Clear Choice’s Sub Solution was deemed the best to use if you want to pass a drug test for sure. It was those patented Lithium Chloride granules for warming the Sub Solution up to the exact right temperature. But, of course, people could also use the cheaper version of fake pee.

Yes, the formula of the Sub Solution synthetic pee was always the best, but even the cheapest synthetic urine was at least passable (well, in most cases, there were several ‘bad batches’).

The new synthetic urine detection methods have changed all that. You see, it’s quite impossible for labs to detect synthetic urine by measuring things that are naturally occurring in our urine (uric acid, urea, creatinine, even metrics like pH and specific gravity).

That’s why they started to look for things that may be found in synthetic urine but not in real urine. And they found one: preservatives. In short, biocide was added to prevent the bacteria to grow inside the synthetic urine container.

Sub Solution: Tested negative on a THC drug test. In 2024, you have to nail down two things: 1) Right temperature, and 2) No biocide in synthetic urine formula.

Basically, every premixed synthetic urine that can be repeatedly heated has a preservative. It’s the same thing Coca-Cola has to prevent it from going sour in less than 2 or 3 years.

From the standpoint of prolonging the product’s expiration date, using biocide as a preservative is a given. Well, right about to that point where that same very biocide is used to mark a urine sample ‘synthetic urine’.

Not Everybody Tests For Biocides

One good thing is that an employer has to pay extra for the labs to check the presence of biocides in your urine sample.

Not many of them do pay that extra; but if your employer might think to check that ‘biocide testing’ out, you better be packing Sub Solution (and not a premixed fake pee with biocide in it).

In essence, the extra protection the biocide-free Sub Solution offers you is well worth the money. Your anxiety levels before the drug test will thank you.

Some people do get their palms sweaty when using a cheap fake pee kit. In most cases, even the cheap pee will help you pass a drug test. In some cases, however, you fail get caught.

The knowledge of using the reliable and virtually undetectable Sub Solution will make you feel more natural when it’s time for a drug test.

Everybody Lab Tests For Temperature

There is no need of repeating that synthetic urine has to have body temperature. The ‘too hot or too cold’ temperature is the first thing every lab tech will notice.

Pretty much every Sub Solution review you can read will point out the advantages of Clear Choice’s patented heat activator. With other synthetic urine kits, you have to use warm water, heat pads, microwave and so on.

The Sub Solution comes with the perfect heating agent. You get a heat activator (Lithium Chloride granules in a vial with the blue cap), add about 1/3 of that into the mixed solution and check that the temperature is being raise to 94F to 100F temperature interval.

That’s the most advanced and exact way of raising the temperature and only the Sub Solution comes with that heat activator vial.

Verdict: Sub Solution Is The Best Synthetic Urine (Best Track Record And Biocide-Free)

After reviewing the Sub Solution, there is no doubt it’s the best synthetic urine on the market. With the perfect formula, nice way of raising the temperature and being biocide-free is will full any drug test.

Nonetheless, it is a bit expensive. What is more, you have to mix it yourself in the plastic container (doesn’t come premixed). Not being premixed is a good thing; premixed fake pee usually contain detectable biocides. But you do have to get used to preparing the Sub Solution yourself.

If you want to practice before the drug test and be sure you can pull it off, the Clear Choice even offers the Sub Solution with the practice kit. Test everything with the practice kit; it will make you much more confident (and less sweaty) on the drug test:

combo of 3oz sub solution and practice kit to practice how to pass a drug test with synthetic urine
Sub Solution kit (on the left) and the Sub Solution practice kit (on the right). You can get the Sub Solution + Practice Kit combo at the official TestNegative shop.

Sub Solution FAQ

Does Sub Solution Work?

Yes. The Sub Solution is a perfect imitation of real human urine. In fact, it was designed by laboratories to calibrate their devices and for that, they needed ‘the perfect urine’.

Synthetic urine like Sub Solution is that ‘perfect urine’.

Can Sub Solution Be Detected?

Sub Solution is virtually undetected with 2024 lab testing standards. The concentrations of uric acid, urea, and creatinine in the Sub Solution formula are exactly right. The pH and specific gravity, even color, bubbles, and smell, are right on point.

Even additional testing for biocides will not detect the use of Sub Solution. The reason is simple: Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocides like many cheaper synthetic urine kits.

Does Sub Solution Contain Biocide?

Again, no. Addition biocide to synthetic urine is a bad practice, especially now when laboratories have started to detect synthetic urine use by detecting biocides.

Sub Solution is biocide-free in order to be virtually undetectable.

Can You Microwave Sub Solution?

Sub Solution does come with a patented heat activator. The Lithium Chloride granules are the best way to raise the temperature of Sub Solution to the room temperature.

Nonetheless, you can microwave Sub Solution. Mix the whole thing and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. You will be able to read the temperature on the temperature strip you get on the Sub Solution’s plastic contained. Make sure it’s between 94F and 100F.